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Aug 1st, 2009
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This is a song about one of my favorite people, Kendall Murphy, who passed away right around Thanksgiving. He’s the step father of one of my best friends and over the years I became really close to him. When my father died last year, he offered to be my surrogate dad. This guy was so full of wisdom, compassion and joy of living. A big 75th birthday party was held for him on August 1 and his lovely wife (I’m real close to her also) asked if I would write a song about him. It wasn’t easy, because he has lived a very full life. The video is from the birthday party. I was out of the country when he passed away – and it was a devastating shock. However, this guy had lived such a full life, he was so happy and he had long been preparing himself for what we all must face someday. He asked us not to be sad – and to have a party instead of a funeral. When I think of him, I have a tear in one eye and a twinkle in the other. Ken, we love you and we miss you every day.

The performance is more heartfelt than polished – I finished it on the day of the party and was working out the kinks in the car right before I played it. Yes I waited until the last minute even for Ken. Since I perform best under pressure, to do it any differently would have been disrespectful (-;. There are a lot of inside jokes, so I don’t expect you to get it all.


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