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Mar 19th, 2009
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Quality You Can Taste

I write to you disappointed in the desert.  I wrote and recorded a pretty decent song in the last week, but for technical reasons I am unable to deliver it to you today.  While I was mixing it on Wednesday, the recording software had a meltdown and corrupted the file – twice.  Yes I backed up regularly, but it turns out that the file started corrupting much earlier than I realized, so my backups were also tainted to various degrees.  Tracks were reversed, lost, clipped, etc.  I am sure I probably did something wrong to start the snowball of corruption, but I also think I encountered a bad bug in the software.  I essentially lost all the work I did on Wednesday.  The only way to have gotten it done would have been to stay up all night long Wednesday night, but I had to get up at 5AM to hit the road with my woman for some pre-planned desert R&R.

Unfortunately, I did not declare any caveats for technical problems for the Song-A-Week Challenge.  And in the real world, results are what matters.  I spoke to the judge and  given the situation, she agreed to a lighter sentence.  Conveniently, we were discussing this at an “In & Out Burger” somewhere on the way to the desert this morning (Quality You Can Taste – For Breakfast), where Judge Pavi proceeded to to extract the slice of tomato from her Double-Double Burger and hand it to me, dispensing my punishment on the spot.   It was a most disgusting experience.  I got the gag reflex  – almost to the point of no return – and made some unsavory guttural noises that drew askance looks from nearby patrons.  I lost my appetite.  And this was just a slice.  

I’m back next week and will get this recorded and posted in the next couple of weeks.


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