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The intention of this website is to be a catalyst for me to write and record music more often.  I like to hack around on various musical instruments but never cared much about learning other people’s songs.  I prefer to write songs, but I would go a year and write nothing, then I might write several songs in one day.  Then when I went to work for The Man, I stuffed music deep into the closet, maybe just a few times a year I would dust off the guitar, crack open a few beers and scribble down some gut-wrenching slop. Sure, most of the songs were lame, but every now and then I came up with something that was halfway decent.  Over time I have purchased various instruments and equipment, thinking if I just had this one more thing, it would jump-start me to write and record more.  Though deep down I knew all along that with a good idea, a clear mind and some tenacity, with perhaps some Okfuskee moonshine thrown into the mix, you can make good music with some pots and pans and a cassette recorder.

I have this legacy of equipment that is collecting dust and I’m no longer working for The Man, so there are no more excuses.  It’s time to start creating.  I am learning how to record, mix and master as I go along. A lot of the stuff is complicated and I seem to be constantly challenged by technical hurdles that get in my way.  Yes I know GarageBand is easy but I am trying to take it up a notch and not using GarageBand. My goal is to write and record one song per month and post it on this website, reconciled on a quarterly basis.  That means that the songs don’t have to delivered on time every month, but by the end of the quarter, there better be three new songs.  While the goal is to produce original music, I can do cover songs if I’m in a rut (as long as I make it original somehow), I can do blues, instrumentals, whatever,  plus it’s OK to go back and re-record/re-mix/re-master songs I’ve done in the past, as long as there is some improvement.  As I’m trying to learn it all at once, sometimes it can be overwhelming to deal with learning or troubleshooting the tech side while you’re still composing the song.  So if I have a song that get’s too complicated, I might drop back and punt with “My dog done stole my coonskin cap, chewed her up and left her for dead” harmonica blues in E flat. If I don’t do it, I have to videotape me doing something I consider most disgusting, vile, which makes me sick to my stomach.  What is it?  You have to dig in to find out….

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